Social Responsibility

Produce Technology Platform

Lenovo, FutureBright, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), İTÜARI Teknokent, Başarsoft Arena Computers, Artım Bilişim, Index Group, Koyuncu Electronics and Penta Technologies have established Produce Technology Platform. In order to increase value-added production and support social development in our country, we aim that every segment of society is on the side of producing technology.

Teknoloji ile Üretelim

Lokman Hekim Health Foundation

Lokman Hekim Health Foundation, founded in 1986, is serving people who need health care and do not have the necessary financial funds to pay for the same.

Our group is among important supporters of the foundation.

Lokman Hekim Sağlık Vakfı

HAY Atölye

HAY Atölye, helps needy women of Turkey to connect to the life from scratch. The studio works to increase the self-confidence of the most needy women.

The studio helps the women in trouble to add joy in their lives again.

In our studio, women shape their life from scratch with their own hands, their own labor, and own unique ideas to overcome their troublesome life and bring happiness, light to their homes and families.

FutureBright is among the supporters of the studio.

Turgutreis Turkey Sailing Club

We are proud sponsor of Turgutreis Turkey Sailing Club. Our kids are consistently wining medals all around the world.