1. FutureBright is Boutique

FutureBright is willing to work with the principle of “single sector, single brand” as long as the brand is ready to commit itself to single research provider.

FutureBright develops tailor-made solutions specific to its brands in all projects. It never presents standard solution packs to different brands.

It does not take part in fast and inefficient projects, and rejects to compete in terms of volume through mass production.

2. FutureBright is Transparent

FutureBright has maximum transparency towards all the stakeholders that it does business with.

FutureBright does not apply differentiated pricing according to its customers’ extent of market research knowledge.

It shares with its customer in advance the costs and profit margins related with all the projects it undertakes.

It does not exceed a certain profit margin.

3. FutureBright Is a Good Employer

It attaches importance to creativity at all stages of employment; it encourages maximum level of freedom, individual creativity and contribution in the individuals it employs.

FutureBright does not employ "workers"; it "works with" the partners of the future.

FutureBright is a company that foregrounds enjoyment and volunteerism and employ participative, sharing individuals with a high level of emotional intelligence.

4. FutureBright Protects its Interviewers

In an environment of increasing competition, the sector pursues a strategy of face lifting while there is intimidation in the kitchen.

FutureBright does not allow inhumane working conditions for its field team for the sake of a good appearance on the window front.

FutureBright does not cut down on the "humane level" of earnings of the interviewers in order to enhance its bargaining power in the sector.

It does not seek projects where field-teams can’t get the earnings they deserve.

FutureBright does not allow dramatic price differences to be practiced across regions. It does not overlook to the suffering of its colleagues who work as interviewers in the Southeast regions compared to the West.

5. FutureBright is Responsible

FutureBright behaves sensitively and responsibly in paying back the society.

It provides constant support to the institutions that it stands by with awareness of social responsibility.

When it comes to social responsibility, FutureBright adopts the awareness of paying its actual debt back rather than appearing to be doing so.

6. FutureBright Does Not Apply the Minimum Wage Rule to Any of Its Employees

None of the jobs in Futurebright is subject to the minimum wage.

In addition, whatever the task - inside or outside of research - all of our employees are entitled to performance-based bonus system.